I've learned that when you find a genuine person, you cherish that individual. Furthermore, if you find a genuine Forex broker, you have
found what most Forex traders long for their entire trading careers. I have found such a man named Dean Malone.

Dean is my IB for one of my trading accounts. I have an account at IFX Markets through
www.CompassFX.com and I highly
recommend you try them.

Dean is a very experienced Forex trader who cam up with a system he calls the
Dean Malone E.A.S.Y. Trading System (since
renamed SYNERGY)
. I'm sure most of you have heard of it. I know him personally and he took the time to sit down with me and my
private trading group and spill everything he knows about Forex, brokers, and how the banks and large traders actually trade. He also
told me to
GIVE HIS SYSTEM AWAY TO ANYONE WHO WANTS IT! So I've added Dean's system to my Yahoo! group and to "The
Forex Truth" package as well.

As a BONUS, in "The Forex Truth" package I've also put a custom indicator I had made for the Dean Malone E.A.S.Y. system and my
templates as well. I've also written a short document explaining how I use the system successfully.

Below is a screen shot of the Dean's system. You can also download the system for free from my Yahoo! group here...


Good Fortune To You!

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